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Ray white eastern group

Ray White Eastern Group

The Ray White Eastern Group, comprising local offices situated in Howick Central, Bucklands Beach, Half Moon Bay Marina, Botany Town Centre, Flat Bush, and Pakuranga, collaborates to form an acclaimed team of over 120 dedicated salespeople working on your behalf.

Our diverse local teams consist of salespeople hailing from various parts of the world, allowing us to connect with and understand a wide range of ethnic groups. This diversity empowers our teams to accommodate the needs of all buyer and seller profiles.

Through the combination of resources, knowledge, and experience within the Group, we consistently strive for the optimal outcome for our vendors, reaching a broader audience of potential buyers each day. Our interconnected websites, collaborative property listings, sales, and marketing efforts across offices, along with the sharing of essential data, ensure that we achieve the most cost-effective and impactful market reach for every client.

We offer property sellers unparalleled market coverage and a track record of proven success. The full commitment of our entire team is at your disposal, providing you with the highest level of service and support throughout the selling process.