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Stephen Kim

Sales Manager - Botany & Flatbush

Passionate about real estate since 2000, Stephen brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned Sales Manager. Known for his commitment to excellence, Stephen thrives on empowering and training new salespeople, elevating the performance of experienced team members.

Adept at overseeing multiple branches, including Botany and Flat Bush, Stephen  has a robust background in diverse property transactions, not only residential properties but also ranging from rural properties to commercial ventures. His builder’s experience enhances Stephen’s real estate career, offering a unique perspective and professional knowledge.

As the Sales Manager at Ray White Eastern Group, Stephen is drawn to the company’s visionary business plan, advanced systems, and cutting-edge technology. His role is pivotal, not only for the company but also for its dynamic team and valued clients.

Outside the real estate realm, Stephen finds joy in exploring architectural designs, immersing in rural lifestyle experiences, and staying updated on cutting-edge technology. This holistic approach to life contributes to his leadership style, fostering a well-rounded and motivated team.

Join Stephen in the journey of real estate excellence at Ray White Eastern Group, where passion meets professionalism.